Walkera quadcopter dronesNear the Pearl River in Guangzhou, China, the Walkera Company operates a factory of nearly a half million square feet, and employees over one thousand engineers.

Originally a producer of remote control helicopters, primarily sold in the toy market, since the advent and interest of drones and quadcopters for hobby and business uses,

Walkera has considerably upgraded its efforts in that business segment, and now manufactures and exports over a dozen models worldwide, including the Walkera QR x350 Pro.

Walkera Quadcopter Drone Range

Walkera’s models range from toys to extremely professional models, including designs capable of carrying and utilizing digital cameras, like the GoPro.

Perfect for the beginner or hobbyist, the QR Ladybird is the newest in micro-sized quadcopters. Palm sized, the Ladybird is capable of flying indoors or outdoors, with flight time of less than ten minutes, and range of about one hundred feet. Stable and agile in flight, the Ladybird is capable of flips, rolls, and more.

Stepping up to the QXR400 gives you an ultra futuristic design in a very durable package, which is unlikely to sustain much damage in the event of a crash. Wireless telemetry gives you a host of control options with multiple language capability. Camera mounts are available and you are always able to upgrade to the latest firmware with a connection via the manufacturer’s website.

Measuring about a half foot square, the QR W100S has increased flight time, and control is available through a variety of options, including wifi, iPhone, iPad, and other devices. Depending upon the strength of the wifi, range can be expected to run about 300 feet. An HD cam is included with the QR W100S.

More Power, More Range

Looking for more power, more range, more features? The Hoten Xis a quadcopter designed for outdoor use. The kit includes the copter, battery, charger, replacement blades, and instructional DVD. Recommended for intermediate skilled operators, the Hoten X is capable of streaming real time video.

With a “science fiction” design the 200 size Brushed Hoten X Wifi model supports iPhone and iPad operation, and is capable of streaming photos or video. The six axis stabilize controllers provides for more stable flight. With strong wifi, range should extend to over three hundred feet. Nearly eleven inches in length, the Hoten X Wifi should extend your flying experience for up to ten minutes.

High Range, Experience Operators

As an experienced operator, or if you are seeking the solution for various business uses, you will want to step up to the QR X350 PRO, with a range of over one mile and flight time of nearly one half hour. The best solution for aerial photography, the X350PRO is equipped with a professional gimble, supporting a number of different cameras, including Sony and GoPro.

WiFi remote images should be able to be streamed from a distance of nearly a quarter of one mile, and the multiplatform controller has been especially designed for aerial photography used for your business or merely as a hobby.The included Li-Po battery provides for a twenty five minute run and is easily and quickly recharged.  Multilingual control is available, as are continuous software and firmware upgrades when you need them.