3DRobotics 3DR3DRobotics was founded in 2012 by friends Chris Anderson and Jordi Muñoz.  Both had developed their own skillset in the burgeoning world of multirotor drone design and construction.

Chris is the founder of DIYDrones.com which is one of the world’s most popular online communities for DIY drone construction both for hobbyists and professionals.

The team at 3DR quickly grew and one of their memorable products was the APM flight code which is now in use all over the world.

3DR designs are now in use in innumerable devices and applications.  They quickly outgrew the hobbyist field and moved into research, agriculture, and commercial industries.

In 2014 3DRobotics launched the IRIS and IRIS+ quadcopter drones on the consumer market and they were very well received.  Colin Guinn (formerly of DJI Innovations) joined the team and soon 3DR became a brand that is as familiar today as DJI among drone buyers and aerial photographers.

3DRobotics have big ambitions and continue to expand and develop.  Their research and the applications they produce are having a big influence on the way that drones are being used in amateur and professional fields.

In 2015 they launched the Solo quadcopter. This is a strong rival for the DJI Phantom range and features live HD video to your mobile device from the GoPro camera mounted on a 3-axis gimbal.

It has a 1Ghz computer on board and includes the 3DR Pixhawk 2 flight control system.  The custom created Solo app makes flight planning and photography easy and fun.

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