About Copter Drones

Copter DronesDJI Phantom quadcopters and other copter drones are in the air and in the news. You too can explore this fascinating new development in technology by buying one of your own and learning to fly it.

Aerial photography and filming is now open to almost anyone, regardless of age or ability. With practice your skills will quickly develop, but first you need to buy your first drone and this site is here to help you choose and to get your started.

Soon you will be able to rediscover familiar landmarks from a new aerial perspective,  film family and friends to create home movies like no others, capture sports action in ways that until recently were impossible, and create stunning videos of landscapes through the seasons.

Scaling Up To New Heights

If you’re looking to upgrade or if you’re a (semi) professional who needs more advanced equipment you are probably already considering the new DJI Inspire 2 Pro with its interchangeable cameras or perhaps you prefer the multirotor kits of the three Flame Wheel variety.

DJI InspireMaybe you have heavier payloads and need a hexacopter or octocopter like the the Spreading Wings range. These multirotors carry state of the art cameras that can create high quality images and films. Professional aerial photographers and surveyors use these drones as part of their daily work as qualified Remote Pilots.

As they say, other brands are available, so perhaps you want to buy a small Hubsan quadcopter for the fun and enjoyment of flying a small drone indoors and outside.  Perhaps you are attracted to the Parrot AR range as they are developing fast as well.

Then there are the innovative designs and software that have made 3DRobotics a world leader in drone and aerial robotics research and development.  Their IRIS and IRIS+ soon became popular, and the new Solo is making waves.

Catch The Drone Wave Now

Pre flight checksDrones, UAV, quadcopters – whatever you prefer to call them are creating a buzz among hobbyists, professionals, commerce, and industry.  The technology is developing rapidly and, just like the emergence of mobile phone technology, looks set to change and grow at an ever increasing rate. Catch the wave now and you’ll be part of this new field.

UAV might be something that you enjoy using in your spare time, they might be an adjunct to an existing business that enhances it in some way, or it could become your core business.

Whichever way you use your drone; aerial photography, surveying, research, inspection, or videography, you will probably look back on these early years and be glad that you to joined the Drone Age.

The opportunities are there for anyone who has the interest and initiative to take advantage of them.

Gearing up for the Drone Age

Drone technology is developing rapidly and no sooner have you got used to flying the latest model when someone announces the release of another one or new features.

As with all other technology, like mobile phones for example, it’s easy to succumb to upgradeitis and imagine that your life is incomplete without the very latest piece of kit.

If you can afford to continually upgrade then there is no reason why you should not do so. It’s fun and fosters enthusiasm.  On the other hand, get to know your drone as best you can and be sure you’ve learned all there is to know about it.

A drone pilot with excellent flying, software, and video editing skills will produce better films with a DJI Phantom 3 than a novice with a top of the range DJI Phantom 4 Pro.